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DistriCool (FRC), the insulation kit for panel vans for deepfreeze transport

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Short description

A genuine and complete kit for the insulation of panel vans.

Guarantees a maximal loading capacity, thanks to the low weight of the selfsupporting elements and the perfect concept of the panels.

Thermally very efficient, thanks to the XPS or PU insulation, raised shells for side and rear doors, perfect insulation of floor ...

ATP certificates available for all major commercial vehicle brands.

Easy and quick assembly with 2 Component PU glue (about 16 man-hours).

All DistriCool Elements are carefully packed and delivered in a wooden crate · All polyester connecting pieces (e.g. for rear frame, sliding door, wheel arches, case for spare wheels etc ... are provided).

Side and rear doors with raised insulated polyester door shells for enhanced insulation · Fits perfectly into the panel van without any necessary adaptations of the vehicle. 

Dimensions and weights
DistriCool kits availabe for most current modern panel vans.
Application fields

Seamless, high gloss, waterproof, very hygienic, easy to clean and food-safe construction which makes it particularly suitable for the transport of deepfrozen products for human consumption.




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