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FlexoVan (FXL), the light-weight aesthetic curtain sider truck body box

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Short description

The FlexoVan is a modern curtain sider truck body box that can be adapted to a wide variety of curtain sider combinations, with or without sliding roof.

The basic FlexoVan execution is equipped with 1 fixed side wall, 1 curtain side, a fixed roof and a light-weight rear frame with 2 aluminium rear doors.

Variant 1 : Fixed roof 2 curtain sides
Variant 2 : Sliding roof 2 curtain sides
Variant 3 : Sliding roof 1 fixed side wall 1 curtain side
Variant 4 : Sliding roof 2 fixed side walls

The FlexoVan FXL box is delivered pre-assembled, complete with sub frame, floor and inner liner and optional truck body box accessories

Dimensions and weights

Maximum external length : 6,5m

Maximum external width :  2,55m

Maximum internal height : 2,6m

Weight : It's extremely low weight is one of the major assets of Aluvan's FlexoVan.

595kg (+/-5%) for a completely finished FlexoVan FXL truck body box with following dimensions : 4,2m (L)*2,2m (W)*2,2m (H) 
(in it's lightest execution : with 2 sliding curtains at the sides, a fixed roof, an aluminium front end and a galvanised rear frame with 2 rear doors with plant-on locks)
inclusive floor, sub frame, inner liner, step, bicycle protection bars, mud guards ...

for a maximum payload and a happy operator

Application fields

The ideal curtainsider truck body box for small trucks, delivery vans, light-weight trailers ...




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