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PlyVan price inquiry - order form

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Dimensions of your PolyStar (standards = best value for money)

Panel thicknesses PlyVan

Basic PlyVan : front end 17mm - 21mm (height >2654mm/length>7541mm)  - side walls 17mm

Basic PlyVanLight : front end 14mm - side walls 14mm

Colour (RAL +/-) pigmented in the mass

Front end options

Roof options

Number of roof lights :
Position(s) : specify L1, L2, L3 ... = distance between roof light and beginning roof

Rear end options

B-dimension (opening under the flap, measured from the upper side of the sill of the frame to the upper side of the tail lift)

Side wall options

Door position (distance in mm between front till door opening)

L-distance (distance in mm measured between outside of front end and end of cut of goose neck)
H-dimensions (measured between underside of floor of goose neck till underside floor body)
L-distance (distance in mm measured between outside of front end luton till outside front end of body)
H-dimension (measured between underside of floor of luton till underside floor body)

Possible dimensions straight luton : L 293 up to 2528mm - H 1486 up to 2500mm (in steps of 50,8mm)

Possible dimensions sloping luton : L 406 up to 2388mm - H 1459 up to 2475mm (in steps of 50,8mm)

Required info in case of aerodyamic polyester luton :
Total height subframe (cross bearers + runners)
Brand & type vehicle


Number of rows lashing rails
Specify the H1, H2, H3 ... dimensions (distance between underside floor till cente lashing rails)
Factory painted surrounding profiles RAL +/-

Box options (box=pre-assembled body including floor - subframe - inner liner)

Brand & type of vehicle (e.g. Mitsubishi Canter 3C13)
Wheelbase (e.g. 3365mm)
CAB-dimension (distance between centre front wheel till beginning of truck body)
Chassis frame width

Tyre type (e.g. 10.00R15)

Your remarks or special requirements


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