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PivoFlex (PFL), the sliding curtain - sliding door truck body box for transporting drinks

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Short description

The PivoFlex truck body box is in its basic execution provided with a sliding door- sliding curtain side for an ultra-quick access to the loading area, at the right hand side ... the second side wall being a fix aluminium side.

No buckles or sliding pillars, resulting in an easy and quick opening... for an important saving in time!

The horizontal tension of the curtain is determined by the closing mechanism, integrated in the door panels.

To assist with speed of operation, the side curtain is attached, both front and rear, to anodised aluminium door panels.

Easy manipulation of the curtain; a profile in special synthetic material assures the folding of the curtain towards the outside, when opening.

The PivoFlex box is delivered pre-assembled, complete with sub frame, floor and inner liner and optional truck body box accessories.

Dimensions and weights

Maximal external length : 6,5m

Maximal external width : 2,5m

Maximal internal height : 2,3m

Weight : one of the main important advantages of the PivoFlex is its weight. 
A PivoFlex truck body box with a width of 2,2m, a height of 2,2m and a length of 4,2m, complete with sub frame, floor and inner liner, step, bicyclye protection bars, mud guards ... only weighs 686kg (+/-5%)

... the ideal, light-weight solution for sliding curtain-sliding door vehicles in the 3,5T range

Application fields

Aluvan designed the PivoFlex truck body box for transporting crates and casks of beer and other drinks. 

The more the transporter has to load and to unload, the more he will appreciate the gain of time and the comfortable operation of the PivoFlex. 




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