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MiroVan (MIK), the light-weight polyester truck body kit

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Short description

Definitely the most beautiful polyester truck body box on the market!

High quality light-weight closed polyester body, for modern commercial vehicles

Completely rivet-free glued construction

The front end and side walls of the MiroVan polyester are provided with polyester sheeting.

High grade glass fibre reinforced polyester skin. White ± RAL 9016

With aerodynamic anodised aluminium surrounding profiles

With integrated anodised aluminium rear frame

The MiroVan polyester truck body kit allows an ultra quick and easy assembly, thanks to the Easy-Fix concept, where the elements are assembled by means of selfdrilling screws

Dimensions and weights

Maximal external length : 5083mm

Maximal external width  : 2550mm

Maximal internal height : 2397mm

- 263kg (+/-5%) : for the MiroVan truck body kit without floor and subframe with a length of 4,2m, a height of 2,2m and a width of 2,2m
- 411kg (+/-5%) as above + floor and sub frame
- 466kg (+/-5%) as above + floor and sub frame + inner liner wooden laths

Application fields

For transporting all kinds of dry freight goods, like furniture, packages, electric devices, carpets etc ... 

For the transporter, the end-user who really wants the best looking truck body box on the market




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