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FXL sliding roof for light commercial vehicles (3,5T)

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Short description

The FXL sliding roof allows an easy and quick assembly

The smoothly sliding roof is easy to operate ... the included sliding roof pole enables the roof to be handled from the floor

This really complete sliding roof is supplied in following elements :
- Hinging and sliding rear cross member
- Lift-up system with gas struts
- Left and right rear support plate
- Intermediate roof bows
- Sliding roof pole
- Premounted clamps in the aluminium rails
- Left and right aluminum roof rail with premounted clamps
- Support plate front
- PVC pelmet premounted in the aluminium rails
- Plastic lifting foil
- Roof stop
- Strap with pulling ring


Dimensions and weights

Maximal length = 6,5m

Application fields

Specially designed for the light range of commercial vehicles, by the 3,5T specialist.

With a maximum length of 6,5 m, the FXL sliding roof is really an ideal solution for small trucks, delivery vans, light weight trailers




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