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AluPlan (ALP), the rigid alu plank truck body box

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Short description

The motives of the Aluplan are clear : to combine strength and aesthetics in a high quality truck body box

The side walls and the front end of the AluPlan are composed of 203mm wide aluminium planks

The concept of the plank-profile provides are very strong construction, resulting in a longer durability and an enhanced resistance against outer pressure

The AluPlan box is delivered pre-assembled, complete with subframe, floor, inner liner and optional truck body box accessories

Dimensions and weights

Maximal external length : 7,5m

Maximal external width : 2,6m

Maximal internal height : 2,5m

Weight 703kg (+/-5%) : for a completely finished AluPlan body with a length of 4,2m, a height of 2,2m and a width of 2,2m - including the floor, the subframe, the inner liner, bicycle protection bars, step, mud guards ...

Application fields

As the AluPlan is a particularly strong truck body box, it is very suitable for carrying heavy loads (e.g. carpets) or to be used as mobile workshops




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