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PlyVan (GRP/GRPl), the rigid plywood truck body kit

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Short description

The PlyVan is a very solid truck body kit that is perfectly suitable for larger vehicles.

The PlyVan is equipped with 17mm thick in-house produced high quality PlyPano panels (plywood) for the sidewalls and front end. 
The roof and rear doors are supplied in aluminium execution.

The PlyVanLight is provided with 14mm thick plywood front end and side walls.

The widest range flexible options on the market; e.g. : market trader flaps, sliding doors, straight or sloping luton, goose neck, a 3-point personal lock...

Dimensions and weights

Maximal external length : 13.738 mm

Maximal external height : 3.100 mm

Maximal external width : 2.550mm

Weight : 587kg (+/-5%) for a PlyVan truck body kit with a length of 4,7m, a height of 2,4m, and a width of 2,2m.

Application fields

The PlyVan is a pretty good truck body solution for anybody looking for a rigid dry freight body for larger vehicles that can be equipped with many practical product options.




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