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FlexoLight (FX1-4), the wet-on-wet produced polyester insulation panels

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Short description

Wet-on-wet produced light weight polyester insulation panel

Laminate : top quality high gloss polyester, with pigmented gelcoat

4 different glassfibre reinforcements :


Core : PU foam

Wide range of available inserts : wooden laths, plates, surrounding beams - aluminium laths, plates tubes - steel laths, plates, tubes - PUHD inserts - PVC tubes - reinforcements for cooling units, meat hanging ...   FlexoLight panels also enable interlaminary Z-shaped glassfibre reinforced polyester reinforcements for an enhanced rigidity of the panel

Dimensions and weights

Maximal panel length (Lpa) = up to 15.300mm !

Maximal panel height (Hpa) = up to 3.000 !

Range of panel thicknesses (Tpa) = 20mm up to 130mm !

Weight = 7,3kg/m² (+/- 5%) for Tpa 20mm (FX1) 

Application fields

FlexoLight panels and the wet-on-wet production technique enable special profilation of the panels : moulded recesses for flush mounting of lashing rails and wear plates (etc ...).

FlexoLight and the wet-on-wet production technique also enable the production of monobloc panels for an enhanced impact strength and a perfect waterproofness : ideal for doors and market trader flaps

Ideal also for mobile and special applications like insulated bodies for commercial vehicles, mobile shops, mobile cool shops, mobile restrooms, luxurious mobile homes etc....




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