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FrostBox (FB3i), the rigid truck body box for deepfreeze transport

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Short description

New-style aesthetic and rigid truck body box concept by top industrial designer for deepfreeze transport

Modern-look anodized surrounding profiles and corner pieces

Rivetless construction

First-class stainless steel rear frame and door furniture

Shiny, high-gloss mirrorsmooth panels

Wet-processed panels produced on first class quality vacuum tables

Panel thicknesses : side walls 50mm/front end 133mm/roof 115mm/floor 133mm

The FrostBox is pre-assembled and supplied complete with floor, inner liner and optional truck body box accessories

Dimensions and weights

Maximal external length : 9000mm

Maximal external width : 2600mm

Maximal external height : 2852mm

Weight :  the completely finished 4,2 m long, 2,2m wide and 2,2m high FrostBox weights 972kg (+/-5%), complete with insulated floor, galvanised steel runners, aluminium lashing rails, bicycle protection bars, mud guards, ...

The FloorFix inserts in the insulated floor for the firm and secure fixing of the FreezyBox truck body box to the vehicle, makes you save 110kgs!

Application fields

The FrostBox is the perfect truck body solution for the commercial vehicle range 5T to 7,5T ... and is ideal for paletised transport

Boasting a K-value better than 0,4W/m²K, the FrostBox is particularly suitable for the transportation of deep froozen products

Temperature range 0°C to minus 20°C




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