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trFreezyBox (FB3), the aesthetic light-weight truck body box for deepfreeze transport

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Short description

New-style aesthetic truck body box concept by top industrial designer for deepfreeze transport

Modern-look anodized surrounding profiles and corner sections

First-class anodized aluminium rear frame and stainless steel door furniture

High-gloss mirrorsmooth wet-processed panels produced on first class quality press tables

Thickness panels : side walls 85mm/front end 85mm/roof 100mm/floor 102mm

The FreezyBox is a pre-assembled body complete with floor and inner liner and optional truck body box accessories

Dimensions and weights

Maximal external length : 9000mm

Maximal external width : 2600mm

Maximal external height : 2852mm

Weight : thanks to the aluminium rear frame and the light in-house produced FlexoLight sandwich panels, the completely finished 4,2 m long, 2,2m wide and 2,2m high FreezyBox weights only 859kg (+/-5%), complete with insulated floor, galvanised steel runners, aluminium lashing rails, bicycle protection bars, mud guards, ... which makes it a real lightweight champion

The FloorFix inserts in the insulated floor for the firm and secure fixing of the FreezyBox truck body box to the vehicle, makes you save 110kgs!

A minimal tare weight resulting in a maximal loading capacity is one of the main objectives of the FreezyBox

Application fields

The FreezyBox boasts a K-value around 0,3W/m²C°, which makes it particularly suitable for the transportation of deep frozen products.

Ideal for the light range of commercial vehicles (3,5T - 5T)

Temperature range 0°C up to minus 20°C




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