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MondoVan (MCL/MKL), the high quality light-weight aluminium truck body kit

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Short description

High quality solid light-weight aluminium closed truck body kit for modern commercial vehicles

Available in 2 executions :

- MCL : the aluminium corrugated soundless body.  Here the aluminium sheets of the side walls, the front end and the roof are riveted together
- MKL : the aluminium body with clasped sheets side walls

Both executions are available in light (MCL & MKL) and standard version (MCS & MKS).

The MondoVan can be equipped with an extremely large pallet of options ... offering a suitable answer to all possible questions in the transport business

The MondoVan truck body kit allows an ultra quick and easy assembly, thanks to the Easy-Fix concept, where the elements are assembled by means of selfdrilling screws

Dimensions and weights

Light version : external lengths between 2,5m and 7,5m  - external widths between 1890mm and 2600mm - internal heights between 1737mm and 2499mm - every 5 cm

Standard version : external lengths between 4,7m and 13,6m - external widths between 1992mm and 2600mm - internal heights between 1889mm and 3210mm

Weight : 256kg (+/-5%) : for a MondoVan truck body kit (MCL) with a length of 4,2m, a height of 2,2m and a width of 2,2m

Application fields

For transporting all kinds of dry freight products .. from furniture, packages, electrical devices, carpets, etc




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