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Components curtain sider truck bodies

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Short description

Supply of the high quality components of the sliding pillars for heavy duty curtain sider bodies : the body of the pillar and/or the sliding head of the pillar ... with a number of practical options

The body of the sliding pillar is made of a folded steel profile with high elastic limit and a thickness of 3mm, cataphorised.  All other elements are galvanised (25µ 500 hours salt test)

The sliding head is provided with vertical adjustable rollers that guarantee an effortless moving of the pillar along the aluminium tracks 

The sliding pillars can optionally be provided with:
- plank pockets of 120mm
- plank pockets of 420mm
- supports for aluminium drop sides with a height of 600mm
- supports for aluminium drop sides with a height of 800mm

Dimensions and weights

The body of the sliding pillar is delivered in a length of 3m and can easily be cut to the desired length

Application fields

Perfect solution for curtain sider bodies for the larger distribution lorries, for trailers and semi-trailers from 7,5T to 26T.