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PortaPano (PTP), RTM produced ice cream doors

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Short description

The RTM produced PortaPano panels build excellent door solutions  

RTM stands for resin transfer moulding technology with low pressure resin injection system. The General shape of the panel is obtained thanks to the special polyester mould

Advantages of the RTM technology : this type of door forms a perfect monocoque construction completely (also the sides !) covered with 2,5mm polyester laminate, boasting a tremendous impact resistance. Typical for these moulded door panels are the extremely narrow tolerances of dimensions.

4 levels of delivery :

1. door panel, without any accessories
2. door panel with accessories like stainless steel closure and hinges, door rubbers...
3. frame for door, in combination with door panel or door with accessories 
4. door integrated in side wall with accessories and frame
Dimensions and weights

Panel thickness (Tpa) : 100mm

Panel height (Hpa) : 1032mm

Panel width (Wpa) : 583mm

Other dimensions are possible ... contact us

Application fields
The perfect solution for small monocoque side doors for vehicles transporting ice cream and other deepfrozen products




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