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DemaPano (DMP), panels for removal vans

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Short description

DemaPano is a polyester laminate composite panel with internal vertical styles ... ideal for truck bodies for the removal transport

Laminates : polyester skin reinforced with fibreglass and finished with a high gloss white pigmented 0,4mm polyester gel coat

Profile : Aluminium extrusion profile (2mm)

Core : closed cell insulation core PU 40kg/m³

Wood : premium exterior grade WBP (weather and boil proof) multi-veneer plywood (5mm)

3 executions : DemaPanoS - DemaPanoL - DemaPanoXL

Dimensions and weights

Maximal panel length (Lpa) = up to 15.300mm (L&S) - 6.500mm (XL)

Maximal panel height (Hpa) = up to 2.900mm (L&S) -  2.400mm (XL)

Panel thicknesses (Tpa) = 23,8mm (L&S) - 21,8mm (XL)

Distance between vertical stiffeners: 406mm (S) - 610mm (L&XL)

Height wooden beam bottom : 300mm (S) -  200mm (L) - 175mm (XL)

Weight : S = 9.4kg/m² - L = 9.3kg/m² - XL = 7.7kg/m² (+/- 5%)

Application fields
DemaPano panels  offer a really uniqe solution for truck bodies for the removal industry : they allow very easy installation of horizontal wooden laths or lashing rails : countersunk screws assure an aesthetical and excellent mechanical fixation 




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