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Frequently asked questions about the PolyPan composite panels and components for mobile and special applications

How to get a demonstration of the PolyPan product-flexibility suite case?

PolyPan's ambition to offer you a really personalised range of panel-solutions is clearly illustrated in this new PolyPan demonstration tool.
Your representative would be delighted to drop by and demonstrate the surprisingly versatile character of the PolyPan panel-solutions.

To contact your representative now and ask him to come, click here.

           PolyPan demo box

Why choose for PolyPan composite panels ?

- PolyPan boasts a long list of reputated happy customers all over Europe
- PolyPan uses the latest production technology
- PolyPan accepts orders starting from 10m²
- PolyPan delivers to the customer's door with own transport
- PolyPan has an own lab
- Polypan sends CAD drawings per e-mail (guaranteed zero mistakes)
- The PolyPan staff speaks 10 languages
- The PolyPan customer has one detailed technical card for each product line at his disposal
- PolyPan offers you the widest range of glued-in inserts
- We use our PolyPan panels for production of our own truck bodies
- PolyPan guarantees stable delivery time : 3 weeks from order to delivery
- PolyPan offers a complete range of laminates and insulation cores
- PolyPan offers his customers tailor-made panels
- PolyPan has also got high-tech panels in its programm : e.g. HexaPano, AluPano, PiraPano …
- PolyPan panels are delivered free house
- PolyPan panels are applied in many sectors
- Polypan also has polyester parts in it's product range !

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What is the minium order quantity for PolyPan panels ?

PolyPan accepts orders starting from 10m²

For orders smaller than 50m² a supplement of 10% on the sales price will be charged

For orders smaller than 20m² a participation of €100 in the administrative costs will be charged on top of the 10% supplement

What are the maximum dimensions for the PolyPan composite panels ?

Thicknesses from 25 up to 135mm

Lengths up to 15,4m

Heights up to 3,15m

What is the delivery time for the PolyPan composite panels ?

The average delivery time is around 3 weeks ... but what is more important, the promised delivery time will always be respected .... we will not accept the order if we can not guarantee the demanded delivery time  : our word is our bond    

How is the transport of PolyPan composite panels organised ?

The PolyPan composite panels are transported to your door

They will be supplied horizontally stacked

To avoid contact with humidity and dirt, during and after the transport, you will receive your panels in 1 bundle carefully packed in a high resistant plastic film

What ecological measures are taken during the production process ?