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Frequently asked questions about The European Van Company  and her global brands

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How does the European Van Company deliver the truck bodies?

Here the customer has the widest choice one can find in the European market :

- delivery of loose truck body components
- bodies delivered in kit-form = 5 loose elements : 2 side walls - a front end - a roof - a rear frame with 2 rear doors
- bodies delivered as pre-assembled boxes, complete with floor, subframe, inner liner and optional accessories

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How do I order spare parts ?

For a guaranteed accurate delivery of your spare parts, we need to be communicated the exact order number of the concerned truck body box or kit .... which you will find on the identification plate in the bottom left corner of the front end.  To help you specify correctly the needed spare part(s) we can send you a detailed exploded view

How do I send a price inquiry or order  ?

The easiest and quickest method for obtaining a price offer or a placed order is by sending us this online on our website ... click here for the online price inquiry/order forms.  These enjoy priority over all other price inquiries

What guarantees are given on the products ?

A 12 months warranty covering any faults in manufacture and/or in the material is given on the goods newly supplied

What will be the delivery time of my ordered products ? 

The average delivery time is around 3 weeks ... but what is more important, the promised delivery time will always be respected .... we will not accept the order if we can not guarantee the demanded delivery time

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