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The core values of The European Van Company

Our word is our bond !

The principal core value of our group of companies ! 

A carefully chosen slogan.  It is imperative to all involved in the chain of events that promises are kept. To Aluvan the delivery time is sacred and must in all cases, of our control, be kept. We will only promise a delivery date that can be assured… even if this means the risk of losing an order!

The friendly company !

Every single member of The European Van Company team wants to distinguish him or herself by adopting a perfect customer service oriented attitude ... just by being genuinely friendly with our customers and other contacts.

Our dynamic and involved employees and workers enjoy working for The European Van Company and build the friendly face to the outside world. 

The Friendly Team 2


Top quality ... our daily challenge !

As a very important player in the automotive business for commercial vehicles, quality is of paramount importance to The European Van Company.

Although we have always been an enthusiastic adept of the TQM quality philosophy and the most up-to-date quality control techniques... we are now in the process of acquiring the official ISO9001 quality label. 

Every single employee of The European Van Company is eating, sleeping and breathing the ISO9001 standards

A law-abiding company … respecting the environment !

Adopting an ethical approach, we observe the laws and rules in each country to achieve our mission to be good global citizens.

We are aware of our responsibility to the environment and to the other people who live in it, ànd to the people who come after us … therefore we conscientiously respect all environmental laws.

The sites of The European Van Company

The European Van Company NV
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Tel +32 (0) 50 31 25 13
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The European Van Company Sp. z o.o.
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26-200 Konskie
Tel +48 (0) 41 375 11 78
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